Some frequently asked questions before a cosmetic surgery intervention

What concepts do I have to pay for a cosmetic surgery intervention? Do I also have to do it for postoperative care?
Why is a cosmetic surgery operation so expensive? I am often asked this question and it is very easy to answer: There are multiple items that must be paid for to enter an operating room because this is a process that requires a large human team, and the use of complex appliances. The concepts are hospitalization, operating room expenses, the value of breast implants if placed, the work of the anesthetist, the assistant and the surgeon. In addition, you must pay for pre-op tests, post-op medications, surgical drainage of liposuction and stitches and sutures if applicable. Postoperative care does not require any payment.

Would you provide me with a previous budget per intervention?
Of course.

Is it essential that I have a pre-operative study?

What physical conditions must I have to undergo a cosmetic surgery operation?

You should not suffer from hypertension, blood clotting disorders, or kidney, heart, liver or lung diseases. In the event that you suffer from psychiatric disorders, it is also not advisable to undergo aesthetic intervention. But all this must be evaluated by the surgeon beforehand and depends a lot on the intervention to be carried out.

Can I have a plastic surgery operation if I am a smoker?

As you know, tobacco is harmful to your health. Smoking regularly causes the narrowing of the arterial vessels and with it the decrease in the supply of blood and oxygen to the tissues, so that your body will need more time to recover, in addition to increasing the possibility of contracting infections. If you are a smoker, therefore, I recommend that you stop smoking. However, it is not recommended that you do it abruptly days before or days after undergoing a plastic surgery operation because this, among other disorders, can cause anxiety, reactive cough and increased sensitivity to pain. The interventions that suffer most from the harmful factor of tobacco are: lifting, tummy tuck and breast reduction.

After undergoing a cosmetic surgery operation, when can I go to the beach, travel by plane and drive my car?
After minor surgery you can travel by plane after three days. After a more extensive intervention, and in the case of a long journey, you must wait at least ten days. To go to the beach depends on your recovery, but, in any case, it is not recommended that you do so before removing the sutures and always covered and at no time away from noon. If you want to drive and have undergone an intervention that involves your arms or pectoral muscles, you should wait at least one month, as long as your recovery is normal. In the case of other operations you can take the car after three days.
If I have given birth and want to have breast surgery, how long should I wait?
Four or five months after giving up breastfeeding.

What if I want to have an abdominal surgery after giving birth?
Approximately six months.

What foods can I eat after surgery?
The diet you should follow will be similar to that of the days before the intervention: lean meats are essential because they provide protein to your muscles (essential for healing) without giving you fat. Vegetables and legumes provide iron which is very important to recover the red blood cells lost after the operation. Citrus fruits, such as orange, grapefruit, lemon or tangerine, have antioxidant benefits and will help delay the aging of the skin of some body cells and tissues. It is also essential that you hydrate well and drink water, juices or infusions regularly without sugar, and if you are taking antibiotics you should take yogurt enriched with bifidus. Reducing salt will help eliminate fluids.

What non-surgical options does it offer me to restore a rejuvenated look to my face?
Laser, peeling, fillers and botox.

Can I have several surgeries at the same time?
Yes, as long as you do not have medical contraindications, these operations do not exceed the convenient time and are performed on parts of the body that can be easily combined. It is not possible, for example, to simultaneously perform breast surgery and a lipoaspiration and buttock filling because it will be necessary to turn your body in such a way that one of its operated parts would receive a pressure that is necessary to avoid.

Will I feel pain after having a liposuction?
If you are sitting or lying there is no pain. If you try to walk you will feel discomfort as if you had laces.

Can I lose weight with a lipoaspiration?
Liposuction is not an operation to lose weight but to model your body. But if you follow the instructions to avoid salt, drink plenty of water, walk and follow a balanced diet, you will lose weight.

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