Men’s most requested plastic surgery operations in my experience

Although women still predominate cosmetic surgery seekers, every year there are more men who come to my office to undergo a surgical treatment that improves their body appearance. The desire to feel comfortable with one’s physical appearance and the increasing possibilities of applying in many cases non-invasive techniques are the main reasons that encourage men to take the step.  I briefly comment on the most requested operations, in my experience.


  • Otoplasty for prominent ears. This is men’s most requested surgical intervention. Difficult to hide, especially if alopecia is suffered, prominent ears, also known as blow ears, protrude too much from the surface of the head due to excess cartilage in the atrial shell or due to the absence of fold of the antehelix. This intervention is a surgery carried out under local anesthesia and does not require the patient’s clinical hospitalization. In this operation, a part of the cartilage is removed from the ear and/or the crease of the edge of the ear is enhanced. The results are remarkable.
  • Gynecomastia. A high percentage of men experience a breast enlargement that makes them resemble those of women. This frequently affects them on the psychological level. Gynecomastia, another of the interventions most requested by men, is a procedure of aspiration of the fat that is under the skin of the breast that leads to the subsequent retraction of the skin. In recent years many devices have appeared to practice lipoaspiration. None is better than another. The only truly important here are the hands and experience of the surgeon. 
  • Blepharoplasty. With tiredness or aging, redundant skin appears on the upper eyelids and fat pockets on the lower eyelids. The contour of the eyelids is enhanced and refreshed with blepharoplasty in general.
  • Eyebrow lift. This surgery, usually combined with the previous one, is performed by removing skin from the upper part of the eyebrows that clears the periorbital area. The scar is hidden attached to the hair. This intervention returns an aspect prior to the aging process and makes the look cleaner.
  •  Elevation of the upper lip. We perform it in patients who have a very pronounced distance between the nose and the upper lip. It is an operation that is performed by removing some skin from the lower part of the nose. The recovery is very fast. It can be combined with the inversion of the lower lip, in people who have it very down.
  • Lipoaspiration of abdomen and flanks. As in gynecomastia, excess fat under the skin of the abdomen can be removed by lipoaspiration. Many men ask me for this perfectly controlled procedure that improves their aesthetic appearance. The last thing is to highlight the rectus abdominis muscles to mark the «washboard» or «the bell channel». If the patient keeps his weight, this fat does not recover.
  • Lipoaspiration of the double chin. The same as the lipoaspiration of the abdomen, that of the jowls is an operation that is performed by aspiration of the subcutaneous fat, in this case the one that hangs under the skin of the chin. It is a simple procedure that is done with small incisions in which what matters most is the surgeon’s expertise.
  • Tummy tuck. Sedentary lifestyle and repeated weight gain contribute to the distension and deformity of the abdominal girdle and generate an accumulation of intra-abdominal fat that is corrected with this operation. The tummy tuck is practiced through a low incision above the pubis that ascends in the form of a thong. It removes the skin and the unsightly fat up to the navel.
  • Buttock augmentation with fat. It is a surgery demanded by many men to enhance and give volume to their buttocks. It is done with purified fat that is extracted during lipoaspiration. Men who are not satisfied with their buttocks find with this intervention the way to feel more attractive and desired.
  • Minilifting. It is the ideal operation to minimize the external appearance of aging. This facial stretching intervention is not painful and involves a short recovery time, so that in three or four days the patient can fully recover his daily activity.
  • Rhinoplasty. Many men want to have a more harmonious aspect of the nose and that is why they come to my office. What I usually propose is a rhinoplasty, an intervention that lasts about two and a half hours and leaves only a small scar without affecting respiratory function. It is one of the most difficult operations there is. In it, what counts above all is the surgeon’s expertise.



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