Some things you need to know about breast implants which the sales reps will never tell you. (2/3)

Chapter 2: “As I am going to get a breast implant, should I go wild?

-Give it a second thought.


Over the last 45 years there has been an improvement in the safety and longevity of all the elements outside the body that are implanted within it. Considerable efforts have been made to structure the patterns of breast implant surgeries and it has been concluded that when doctor-patient understanding and communication is good, the short and long-term surgical results improve significantly.

Thus, the first step in carrying out this improvement is patient education. It is during this process that the surgeon must offer informed consent that will make him more aware in his decisions. Effective information by the surgeon takes time; It must be clear and precise, and the patient must understand, accept and take responsibility for their decisions.
Most patients have only a vague idea of possible long-term risks that may have a bad choice before surgery; For example, when a patient wants a larger implant than her tissues can accommodate. The phrase «… is that since I wear, I wear!» Is a newsletter I hear a lot in the office. These patients should know that over time the skin of their body will age, will lose hydration, will stretch and lose weight including the skin of their breasts that will inevitably fall even without an implant. The larger the implant, the more the tissues (muscle, gland, fat, skin) will become thinner because of the pressure exerted and the more the breast will fall over time.

The surgeon cannot change the age or genetics of patients’ tissues. However, if you can know how these factors will influence after the choice of a breast implant, and you should advise the best choice to achieve an optimal long-term result with minimal risks and commitments.

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