Some things you need to know about breast implants which the sales reps will never tell you. (1/3)

Chapter 1


The breast augmentation operation is one of the most demanded in Spain, with 19,000 interventions performed last year is one of the safest and that produces more satisfaction among patients. Ancient myths such as preventing breastfeeding or exploding on airplanes have gone down in history.

Clearly, the female breast represents femininity and sexuality. Small or deformed breasts have been associated, in a way, with low self-esteem or a decrease in that same femininity. For centuries, in an effort to remedy these problems, women have found a great ally in external bra and corset prostheses.

With the advent of breast augmentation, many women have been able to surgically find changes in the size and shape of their breast. Most of those who do experience improved self-esteem and feel they have a more pleasant figure when they wear any type of garment.
In short, the intervention to increase the bust is safe and reliable and produces great results whenever it is done within the optimal surgical safety margins.

But breast augmentation fever has triggered interventions that have become conceived by the population as natural and everyday. The implant volume that was placed a few years ago has nothing to do with what is being ordered now. Before the average size that was placed was between 240 and 280cc. Thus, 300cc was considered a really generous size.

Today the furor over the big chest causes the average volume to have shot above 350cc.
But this incessant race has a cost for the body: the breasts have to bear an excessive weight and in the long run they will tend to fall, (they already do it without the implants).
Therefore, the more weight they bear, the more they will fall over time.

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