I never hurry through an operation

I am passionate about my profession and I like to speak clearly, so to introduce myself, the first thing I would say is that mine is not a low-cost consultation. Among other reasons, because I never use low quality implants. These can be up to 50% cheaper than the ones I use, so if you, before any other consideration, what you value are the accounts, don’t waste time with me. Let me elaborate: the implants I put in are not for life, because, although everything will be done, those that do not need to be changed every ten years have not yet been invented. However, if someone tells you that you can place one that will last forever, you are very free to hire their services. I only work with the highest implant ranges of the most reliable brands because they produce less post-op complications.

As I say, I am passionate about my profession and therefore I will never stop practising as long as I have the ability to do so. That is why I never operate in a hurry. If someone tells you that in one hour you can have a simple breast implant or a lipoaspiration, again, you are free to hire their services. I never invest less than two hours in a breast implant and in a lipoaspiration no less than three. In addition, I do not usually do more than two surgeries per day because that allows me to operate all cases as if they were unique and maintain optimal quality standards.

As a surgeon, I strive to limit aggression to the body and use less invasive techniques that provide better long-term results.

In conclusion, I do not like applying any hard-sell in the office. If you come here because you want to have an otoplasty, rest assured that nobody is going to try to sell you at all costs. Furthermore, if you need a cream, a botox or a buttock implant, nobody, except me, will advise you on the size of the implant that suits you. I like direct attention with the patient. So, if you think I can help you, I will look after you personally and give you my opinion as to what you need.

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