It is very interesting the link that has shared with us our friend David Martin on the Eastern obsession to westernise the body.

In the section blepharoplasty of our website, I write about the «seikeibijin», the «surgical beauty», the retouching of the body, especially of the face to produce that change that brings western physiognomy look.

Passion is what the Japanese and South Koreans feel about western models. I remember that many Spanish models of the 80’s and 90’s where so popular in these countries; It is no wonde that fashion hasn´t disappeared, but has grown, self-affirming in a trait of value that is to be or to seem Western, even at the cost of «erasing the race.»

Here are some photos of an oriental patient I operated a few years ago who wanted to correct the asymmetry and have a double groove. Basically this is the technique to strengthen the palpebral groove.

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