The procedure

Rhinoplasty is the intervention which makes the nose more harmonious without forgetting its
Respiratory function.
There are two interventions, one closed and another open; the latter leaves a small scar which is very well hidden.
The intervention lasts between one and two hours.
Admission at the clinic will be 24hours

Post operation

You will wear a plaster cast for one week.
You should sleep with your head raised.
Relative rest and you won’t be able to make any brusque movements.
There will be inflammation and bruising around the eyes.
Back to work in five days.
Can do sport in one month.

Know more about nose surgery
In addition to being the most important visual point and organ of smell, the nose is the main air passage. Its anatomy and physiological conditions determine important respiratory trouble.
It is without a doubt that rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure in plastic surgery.
A lot of effort has been made in the last 30 years to transform rhinoplasty from on art to a conglomerate of art and science.
It has advanced a lot in reshaping the learning curve of the plastic surgeon, and helping to obtain predictable results. More emphasis is placed on achieving a natural looking nose than a brand nose.

The procedure

The result of rhinoplasty is to achieve certain aesthetic standards while maintaining a satisfactory function.
The intervention can be done via two starting points: the closed and the open.
The closed route is more common, and it takes place through the nasal orifices.
It leaves no visible scar.
The open route leaves a small scar on the columella and it’s used for complicated cases or re-operations.
There is need to modify the cartilage and the bones in both occasions, which results in the patient leaving surgery with a plaster cast that must be worn for a week.
The operation lasts between one to two hours.
Local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic is needed.
You recover at the clinic for a few hours and then at home.


You should sleep with your head raised for a few days
Relative rest, don’t strain nor lift weights.
There will be inflammation and bruises around the eyes
You can start back to work in five days.
The plaster cast will be removed in a week.
You must massage your fingers from the tip and backs.
No sport and sun for a month.
An operated nose is continuously changing during one year.


All surgical procedures run inherent risks which include haemorrhage and infection.
The haematoma occurs in 1.5% of all cases.
Infection has an incidence rate of 2.2%
There can be irregularities in touch, nasal curviture and respiratory difficulty.