The procedure

It’s an operation to delay or to minimize the process of ageing.
The incisions used are well hidden over the natural creases around the ear.
The excess skin is removed and repositioned on the internal structures of the face.
General anaesthetic is used
Admission at the clinic is 24 hours

Post operation

It is not painful
The stitches are removed in a week
There will be inflammation and haze of the operated area
You should sleep with the head raised for a few days.
Do not make any brusque movements or any lifting
Smokers are not good candidates
Back to work in 15-20 days

Know more about lifting or facial lifts
A big part of Aesthetic Surgery’s progress during the last century is driven by the popularity of lifting or face lifts.

Traditionally it has been the aesthetic procedure frequently associated with the plastic surgeon.
This operation has evolved in extraordinary ways during the last three decades.

The answer to how to bring back the youth appearance is all about knowing which tissues change with age, the direction and the scale of this change.

Signs of facial ageing

  1. Disappearance of the fold of the lower eyelid.
  2. Wrinkles in between the eyebrows.
  3. A drop of the eyebrow.
  4. Depresión de la región malar.
  5. Periocular wrinkles.
  6. Prominent orbital rim.
  7. Sunken malar area.
  8. Nasogenian folds.
  9. Loss of volume in the temporal fossa area.
  10. Submental adiposis.
  11. Senile lip.
  12. Mouth area wrinkles.
  13. Drop in the nasal tip.
  14. Increase of the earlobe.
  15. Senile menton (chin).

Beauty attributes are vague, wrongly defined and nearly are yearned for universally; but the qualities of youth are a gift which we all have and what we start to lose just as quickly as we notice its value.

The procedure

The technique consists of repositioning the muscular layers, the skin and fat by taking away the excess tissue through an incision which starts in the sideburn area, and extends to the inner lines in the ear, and this continues around to the ear lobe, behind the ear auricle and the hair.
This way scarring is camouflaged.
If the neck needs any special treatment a medical approach will be done by the menton area.
This operation can be combined with liposuction of the neck if it is necessary to eliminate localized adiposity.
To complete the surgery, the faces will more or less swell due to the undergone work and depending of the characteristics of each patient.
The most important of all is that the change will be as natural as possible.
The face lift surgery will create a scarring process that will act as a break to gravity and delays the drooping effect, but it can’t provide definitive results.
Smokers are not good candidates for this surgery.

The intervention can be done with local anaesthetic with sedation or with general anaesthetic.
The duration is between three and four hours
24 hours admission
It is not painful.

Post operation

Relative rest
Sleep with your head raised and follow a mild diet for a few days
The stitches will be removed in 7 days
Don’t do any brusque movements or lift weight
There can be inflammation and some bruising
Back to work in 15-20days
No sunbathing for three months


All surgical procedures run inherent risks which include haemorrhage and infection.
The haematoma occurs in 1.5% of all cases.
Infection has an incidence rate of 2.2%
Nerve damage, hyperpigmentation, asymmetry and cutaneous necrosis could occur but they are rarer.