This surgery is indicated for those persons who wish to lift and give volume to their buttocks. By means of cohesive silicone gel implants which are placed behind the main gluteus muscle, it lifts the lower part of the hip. That way, the persons who are not satisfied with their gluteus can find a way to feel more attractive and desirable.

The procedure

A small inter-gluteal incision is enough to be able to introduce the implants, which are similar to breast implants in means of their structure, but they vary in size and thickness. The operation lasts an hour and a half and requires general anaesthetic or an epidural. The recovery is in the hospital during 24hours.

Post operation

You should rest lying face down
You can walk but can’t sit on the gluteus during the first week. This way you should sit on your ischium, hip bones, in a way as if you were sitting on the edge of a chair.
Shower in two days
The stitches will be removed in a week
Be very careful with personal hygiene, you will be advised on how to do so to avoid infections at the surgery.
Return to work in 15 days
Exercise and sport in one month

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All surgical procedures run inherent risks which include haemorrhage and infection.
The haematoma occurs in 1.5% of all cases.
Infection has an incidence rate of 2.2%
Nerve damage, asymmetries and the retracted capsular contracture can all occur but they are rarer.