It has been 20 years since the University of Stanford (California) implanted collagen as an easy, fast , safe and painless way to fill wrinkles.
Since then, a great amount of products appeared on the market to try to rejuvenate without the need of surgery.

To alleviate wrinkles, depressions, folds, furrows, lips…in one word, to lift and give volume using biocompatible substances with the body.
The injectable fillers return the smooth appearance to the skin which once was there.
One of the most asked for areas are the lips, here projection and eversion can be achieved of the mucous, producing a global increase in volume.
It is excellent and simple, producing immediate satisfaction.

Types of materials


  • Fat: extracted from the abdomen of the patient which is done during surgery. The effect is not permanent because it re-absorbs approximately 50% of the implanted material.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Restylane, Hylaform, Teosysal Kiss. It is reabsorbed by the organism that metabolizes it, but never in a brusque way. Duration: 6 months.
  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite: Duration: 12 months.

Semi permanent

  • Artecol: is methacrylate.
  • Dermalive: also contains Hyaluronic acid.

There is no need to do an allergy test for these materials.
The treatment is given at the surgery, saving the filling of patient’s fat.
There will be redness and swollenness and depending on the vascular fragility of each patient, there can be some haematoma but this is rare.
Infection is also rare.
No aspirins should be taken 15 days before the filler.